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Here at The Good Oil Daily, you’ll find tips, products and coaching to help you radiate your inner glow simply and easily – from your health and feelings to finances – all with the help of nature’s essential oils. And without adding to the busy-ness of your day to day life. [Unless you want to dive in deeper – and we’re here to help with that, too.

So, what’s legendary about essential oils?

They’ve been rediscovered in a sense in the past couple of decades or so, but they were known to be nature’s medicine in ancient times. Their complex and potent qualities are now proven, but well before science started quantifying and validating the complex chemical profiles of these drops of goodness, ancient civilisations instinctively knew they were onto something legendary.

I love helping people discover and experience genuine, authentic essential oils for themselves so they can have their own “How on earth did I get by without essential oils?” experiences.

And if you stepped back in time and told this to my family and friends thirty years ago, they’d think you were joking. I had my fair share of not-so-healthy habits back in the day, until curiosity about natural health (thanks to the adventurous mother of my two beautiful daughters) led me into the study of herbal medicine – and eventually to essential oils. (Somehow smoking and eating deep-fried kabanas didn’t have the same appeal after that, though I still have the odd day that’s not so saintly – what can I say, I’m human! And thankfully, the good oils help me stay on track.)

As a qualified herbalist, I saw some great results thanks to dried herbs. But when I started using essential oils (created from fresh plant materials, not dried) the results made the leap from great to pretty amazing.

But I needed to understand what was going on before I could encourage others to try them. So I started learning about the science of how essential oils work. Chemistry can be a bit of a yawn if you’re not into it, so here at The Good Oil Daily I do my best to keep it simple and translate it into something easy for you to use and apply: practical tips and pointers, plus access to the good oils I believe to be the best after trying and testing many: Young Living Essential Oils. I’ve helped them plant, I’ve helped them harvest and distil, and I know their products to be exceptional from seed to seal.

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So, please make yourself at home – browse around and start exploring the blog, videos and educational resources I’ve made available.

Enjoy the good oil daily –

Cliff Winkleman

The Good Oil Team Coach

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